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Diabetes Complications Commonly Suffered by the Elderly

Diabetes Complications Commonly Suffered by the Elderly

When you work as a caregiver in Nevada, you get to notice a trend among conditions suffered by the elderly. One of the conditions that you’ll frequently encounter among your clients is diabetes.

Diabetes is a life-long ailment, which means that there is no cure for the condition. However, diabetes can be managed by simply following the care plan that has been devised by the individual’s physician. It’s doubly important for the elderly to follow the doctor’s instructions because diabetes can lead to many complications.

The patient aide provided by home care services in Las Vegas, Nevada, should also ensure that his clients adhere to medication for their diabetes. If not, they’re going to suffer the following complications:

  • Loss of vision
    High blood sugar levels damage the blood vessels and the nerves throughout the body. When damage has been suffered by the optic nerves, this can result in diminished or total vision loss.
  • Skin infections
    The nerve damage suffered by diabetics can lead to numbness. It makes these individuals unaware that they are suffering lesions in the feet, for instance. Because of this, diabetes can suffer severe skin infections.
  • Hypertension
    Damaged blood vessels will force the heart to pump harder to distribute blood more efficiently. This has the effect of raising the body’s blood pressure.
  • Susceptibility to diseases
    Diabetes suppresses the functioning of the immune system. This makes the patient susceptible to infections. For instance, diabetics are at risk for severe symptoms of COVID-19.

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